Leading Change

ist2_4224281The only constant in today’s business environment is change. Never before have organizations been subjected to such rapid change and so many market pressures. Although change is necessary and often desirable, studies show that 75% of change efforts are unsuccessful.  Winning organizations are set apart by their ability to successfully lead and implement change.

This leading change training will provide participants with the tools, support and resources necessary to plan and execute a change effort.  Participants will anticipate the resistance to change they will experience and put in place strategies to overcome obstacles and secure buy-in and commitment from key stakeholders.  They will leave the workshop with a fully developed Change Communication and Action Plan completed.

Program Outcomes:

  • Recognize the predictable reactions that people have when faced with change
  • Identify three different classifications for change
  • Create a compelling vision linked to change outcomes
  • Identify the key players and assess their levels of support and commitment for implementing a change
  • Apply techniques to work through and defuse resistance
  • Incorporate best practices to help others adapt to change through commitment and involvement
  • Develop a change management communication plan to overcome barriers
  • Create a change management action plan using an integrated toolkit to implement a deliverable change solution

Who Should Attend:

Leaders who are responsible for implementing change.