Putting “Success” into “Succession Planning” – 10 Important Steps

We’re well aware that shifting demographics will result in significant numbers of experienced people leaving the workforce in the near future.  We’ve all heard that talent will be a key differentiator between successful and unsuccessful organizations.  We understand that succession planning is important.  So why are so many organizations failing in their succession planning efforts?  […]

How To Avoid Headaches Associated With a Poor Hiring Decision

Recent studies show that a poor hiring decision can cost up to four times an employee’s annual salary and benefits.  It’s not only the cost of hiring and training, but the risk of lost customers, missed opportunities, disenfranchised staff and damage to your brand image.  Given the high stakes involved, one would assume that organizations […]

Identifying High Potential

How do you spot potential?  What differentiates a high potential employee from one who has reached a career plateau?  Many organizations fall into the trap of relying on past performance as a measure of future potential.  Current and past performance may be an indicator of potential, but the two are not synonymous.   In fact, according […]

Strategic Workforce Planning

In my consulting practice, I am often asked what it takes to develop an effective strategic workforce plan.  Strategic workforce planning is a complex task, and many organizations engage in workforce planning that is more ‘operational’ than it is ‘strategic’. So what’s the difference anyway?  Operational workforce planning is focused on specific headcount and staffing […]

Setting New Leaders Up to Succeed

The transition from Individual Contributor to Leader can prove challenging.  Often times, new leaders are promoted based on their technical expertise and the fact that they are high performing individuals.  Technical expertise and experience can provide a solid frame of reference, but newly promoted managers often lack the soft skills that prove crucial to leading […]

Executive Onboarding

Many organizations are bracing themselves for high levels of turnover at the executive level, as Baby Boomers prepare for retirement. Internal leadership pipelines are often ill-equipped to deal with these challenges, and organizations are forced to look externally to fill senior level vacancies. A considerable investment of time and money is made to attract and […]

Talent Management Strategy – Keys to Success

In 1997, McKinsey & Co. coined the term “War for Talent” after a yearlong study which concluded that the most important corporate resource over the next two decades would be talent.1 The study concluded that the demand for smart, technologically savvy and globally astute businesspeople would outstrip the supply. The search for the best and […]

How to Select a Coach

Helping People Find the Right Coach Coaching. It’s out there. It seems like everyone’s doing it. But is it doing any good? If you’re like most of us, you’ve been hearing a lot about coaching over the past while. But what’s it really all about and how do you help someone find a good coach? […]

360 Degree Feedback

How do we make 360 Degree Feedback more than just an “Interesting Experience”? A 360 degree feedback program is no small undertaking, if only for the fact that several person hours must inevitably be devoted to obtaining feedback from even a modest number of raters. How often have participants in such programs said “It was […]

What Makes a Successful Leader

What Makes a Successful Leader? So, what does it take to succeed as a leader in 2014?  It is clear that the leadership challenge is becoming increasing complex.  To thrive in today’s fast-paced and demanding environment takes a special combination of skills and abilities.  Based on our experience in leadership assessment and development, the most […]