Team Building Training


Most challenges in the workplace today require much more than a good solo performance. In increasingly complex organizations, success depends on synergistic performance that results from the efforts of a well functioning team. Functional teams get more done in less time because they avoid wasting time on the wrong issues. They also make better quality decisions because they are able to engage in unfiltered debate that is free of personal agendas and politics. The result is a higher level of accountability and commitment for achieving team goals.

This team building training is designed to support team development by engaging in-tact teams in the action steps required to address areas of team dysfunction. The goal is to structure and implement the requirements of a high functioning team.

Program Outcomes:

  • Develop an understanding of the Five Dysfunctions that can stand in the way of optimal Team Performance
  • Examine your team’s current performance based on the collective results of a team assessment survey
  • Explore a personality based self-assessment tool to build trust and understanding by helping team members understand one another’s preferences in the workplace
  • Examine the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument™ to identify how team members respond to conflict
  • Engage in team building exercises and develop team norms and guidelines to facilitate unfiltered and productive conflict and debate regarding team decisions
  • Clarify the team’s current mission and create a compelling vision for the future
  • Create supporting objectives and commit to a plan of action that will achieve desired results
  • Take ownership for holding team members accountable and providing meaningful feedback on performance
  • Shift the focus from individual accomplishment to the achievement of collective goals in support of team success

Who Should Attend:

This team building training is intended for members of an in-tact work team.