Leadership Training

ist4516117Leadership skills are widely recognized as a key factor in the success of any organization. To be effective in a leadership role, one must exercise people-oriented leadership skills in addition to expert knowledge and technical skills. Successful leaders are able to exercise influence and inspire others to follow their lead. They take the time to understand their staff and they flex their leadership style to meet the unique needs of their followers.

This leadership training session is designed to build the leadership skills and behaviours essential to success, including: communication, empowerment, delegation, motivation and vision. Participants will develop the critical success factors necessary to engage employees and motivate them to achieve excellence.

Program Outcomes:

  • Create an environment conducive to employee engagement
  • Use emotional intelligence to establish relationships with staff based on trust and mutual respect
  • Exercise influence and communicate a compelling vision
  • Effectively prioritize and delegate by communicating clear expectations and establishing mutual accountability
  • Provide clear, direct and meaningful feedback using a four-step technique
  • Coach staff toward improved performance by identifying performance problems and involving staff in generating a plan of action
  • Flex your leadership style to meet the needs of different employees in order to achieve optimal results
  • Identify and leverage key motivators to achieve optimal employee performance
  • Develop others to achieve their potential

Who Should Attend:

Leaders who wish to broaden and improve their leadership skills, those who are new to management, and those who wish to build their knowledge of best-in-class leadership strategies.