Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator™(HBDI) Training

ist2_4086548The Hermann Brain Dominance Indicator or HBDI™ is a quick, easy to take survey that registers and interprets peoples’ thinking style preferences. The awareness of ones’ own thinking style and the thinking styles of others combined with the ability to act outside of ones’ preferred thinking style is known as “Whole Brain Thinking”. The Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator or HBDI™ is an instrument that measures preferences for left-brained (realistic) thinking and right-brained (intuitive) thinking, as well as upper (cognitive) thinking and lower (limbic) thinking. These combinations create four separate quadrants that are easy to understand, interpret and remember.

This Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator training is designed to help people explore and appreciate their thinking style preferences. The goal is to expand the range of their own behaviours and learn to work productively with others who possess different thinking style preferences. This methodology is scientifically proven to help individuals at all levels to become more cooperative and productive. When applied effectively, it can lead to heightened levels of individual and team performance.

Program Outcomes:

  • Understand how the Herrmann Brain Dominance Indicator™ or HBDI™ was developed and recognize what it was designed to measure
  • Learn about your personal thinking style preferences and how to leverage “Whole Brain Thinking”
  • Become fluent in the four languages of the Whole Brain Model and learn how to identify different HBDI™ thinking style preferences
  • Expand your range of behaviours and learn to work effectively outside of your preferred style
  • Explore the impact that thinking style preferences have on team dynamics and interactions
  • Develop proficiency communicating with people who possess thinking style preferences that are different from your own
  • Use the HBDI™ communication walk-around model to ensure that your messages are structured to address the concerns of all four quadrants
  • Develop an action plan to improve your effectiveness as a communicator and a team player

Who Should Attend:

Managers or employees who are interested in gaining self-insight and improving their interactions in the workplace.