Customer Service Training

ist2_39830231People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

Customers today expect and demand good customer service, and if their expectations aren’t met they will take their business elsewhere. Providing superior customer service is the single most cost effective way that companies can differentiate themselves from their competition to create a sustainable competitive advantage.

This customer service training session will be customized to your environment to produce a service driven culture where employees are motivated to deliver service excellence. The emphasis is on retaining current customers and winning new customers by creating memorable service experiences. Tools and techniques are provided to help employees accurately assess customer needs and communicate to customers that they are valued and their satisfaction is top priority.

Program Outcomes:

  • Recognize the value of customer service and the benefits to the customer, the organization and the employee
  • Conduct a self-assessment exercise to identify your strengths and development opportunities as a customer service professional
  • Identify how to connect with customers to make a positive and lasting impression
  • Develop active listening skills and learn how to overcome the barriers to effective listening
  • Use paraphrasing skills to ensure accuracy of understanding and to allow customers to feel heard
  • Use effective questioning techniques to probe for a clearer understanding of customer needs
  • Reflect feelings and use empathy to demonstrate customer care
  • Follow a four-step process to create memorable customer service experiences
  • Recognize the four different types of customers you will encounter on a regular basis, and learn to flex your style to meet their unique needs and preferences
  • Apply a five-step communication process to defuse upset or angry customers
  • Create an action plan to support your ongoing development as a customer service professional

Who Should Attend:

There are two versions of this workshop. One is designed for call centre representatives and team leaders. The other is designed for front-line service professionals who interact with customers in-person or over the phone.