Communication Skills Training

ist2_4645828In order to be an effective contributor in today’s marketplace, it is essential to have mastered the art of communication. Communication skills are critical elements that every employee and manager must have as part of their standard skill set. A recent North American study found that 85% of ones’ success in an organization is attributable to communication and interpersonal skills. It’s important for all of us to be able to express our ideas in ways that gain the attention, support and respect of others.

This communication skills training is designed to provide participants with the tools and support necessary to enhance their communication skills and increase their overall effectiveness. Self-assessments, interactive activities and skill practices are used to help participants develop a flexible, genuine and self-confident approach to communication.

Program Outcomes:

  • Identify the perceptual filters that influence your communication skills and interaction with others
  • Use active listening skills, paraphrasing and probing to enhance communication skills and build rapport
  • Develop communication skills that allow you to demonstrate empathy, respect and sensitivity towards others
  • Recognize the impact that voice tone and body language have on communication and learn to use these elements to your advantage to support and add credibility to your messages
  • Deliver positive and constructive feedback in a focused and effective manner
  • Recognize your communication style and learn how to identify the communication styles used by others
  • Develop skills necessary to flex your style and adapt to the needs of others to improve your interpersonal relationships and achieve optimal results
  • Express your ideas using techniques designed to gain the attention, support and respect of your co-workers
  • Create a personal action plan to enhance your communication and interpersonal skills

Who Should Attend:

Those who wish to strengthen their communication and interpersonal skills and work confidently with others