Behavioural Interview Skills Training

ist2_4645645The structured behavioural interview process is widely recognized by experts as the single most effective approach to interviewing. Most hiring mistakes are the result of supervisors and managers who wrongly trust their intuition, or ask questions that don’t help them objectively assess job-related skills and abilities. Behavioural interviewing eliminates such ineffective practices, enabling managers to more accurately predict a candidate’s potential for success on the job.

This behavioural interview skills training is designed to provide participants with the necessary tools and skills required to conduct effective structured behavioural interviews. Participants learn how to write competency based behavioural interview questions, probe to collect meaningful and measurable answers to all their questions, and control the interview in a polished and professional manner.


Program Outcomes:

  • Understand why “The best predictor of future behaviour is recent past behaviour in similar situations.”
  • Practice using the three-step process for developing and writing behavioural interview questions
  • Learn which questions you can and cannot ask from a human rights perspective
  • Examine a position description to identify the experience, knowledge, skills, abilities and other factors that are necessary for success, and develop relevant behavioural interview questions to gather the necessary information
  • Practice using behavioural interview questions and follow up probes to gather meaningful and measurable responses to your questions
  • Learn how to control your behavioural interviews and redirect candidates to gather specific examples of past performance
  • Use techniques to take relevant notes and compare candidate responses to select the best possible candidate
  • Conduct competency based reference checks to gather additional information
  • Make hiring decisions based on facts rather than opinions


Who Should Attend:

Anyone responsible for interviewing candidates for the purpose of making hiring decisions.