Prevue Assessments

ist2_3983023Prevue is a validated pre-employment test that allows you to measure talent to make informed and objective hiring decisions. Combining an aptitude test and a psychometric test, this tool enables you to assess potential candidates on important traits including learning abilities, interests, and work-related personality characteristics that directly impact success on the job.

Prevue predicts job suitability by comparing candidate performance against a Benchmark created specifically to reflect a composite of the abilities, interests, and personality traits of individuals who are currently successful in the job for which you are recruiting.

The on-line assessment consists of the following three sub-tests:

1.  Prevue Aptitude Test
This sub-test component is used as an aptitude test to assess General Mental Ability, Cognitive Reasoning and learning speed. It measures a candidate’s abilities in terms of:

  • Working with Numbers (Numerical Reasoning);
  • Working with Words (Language Skills); and
  • Working with Shapes (Spatial Reasoning)

Time to complete: 18 minutes (timed)

2.  Prevue Interest Inventory
This sub-test component is used to assess a candidate’s level of motivation and areas of interest described in terms of their interest in:

  • Working with Data;
  • Working with People; and
  • Working with Things

Time to complete: 10-15 min on average (untimed)

3.  Prevue Personality Inventory
This component provides a psychometric assessment of the following work relevant personality constructs:











Time to complete: 20-30 minutes on average (untimed)

Selection Report

The Selection Report generated by Prevue allows you to identify potential “gaps” where a candidate may not possess characteristics associated with an ideal match for the position. This pre-employment test report provides detailed interpretive descriptions for each of the scales measured in Prevue, and a narrative overview describing the ‘total person.’ Prevue also provides sample interview questions to assist you in further investigating the areas that have been identified as potential issues.


Prevue offers additional value by providing the hiring organization with access to the following supporting reports:

Corporate Coach Report

This report is a useful tool to assist the hiring manager with coaching during the on-boarding process. The report identifies coaching and development suggestions to support the candidate in closing any identified gaps to ensure effective performance in the new role.

Individual Report

This report has been developed to share with the candidate who completed the pre-employment test. Written in the second person, it produces a narrative overview and a full explanation of the results. This can be useful to facilitate a discussion as part of the coaching process.

The validation of the Prevue Assessment as a pre-employment test is supported by a study of 5000 employed persons from Canada, Great Britain, the United States and Asia. Research psychologists have also conducted numerous constructive, content, current and predictive studies to confirm the validity and reliability of the Prevue Assessment.