Talent Management Consulting

Portrait of a female executiveIn the years to come, the demand for smart, technologically savvy, and globally astute business people will outstrip the supply. At the same time, an aging population of Baby Boomers and the tendency for Generations X and Y to frequently change jobs make it increasingly difficult to attract and retain skilled leaders and knowledge workers. Not only will organizations need to become better equipped to recruit skilled talent, but they will also be challenged to retain them.

Talent management is a top concern among HR professionals, yet research shows that only five percent of organizations are confident that they have a clear talent management strategy and operational procedures in place. An effective talent management strategy is essential; it enables you to identify the right mix of individuals required to fulfill corporate strategic objectives, plug identified gaps in your strategic workforce plan, and keep the pipeline filled with skilled and motivated workers who are aligned with corporate goals.

Through our consulting services, we can support you in creating a talent management strategy that is designed to:

  • Identify competency requirements that reflect the knowledge, skills and abilities that will be necessary to support strategic objectives now and in the future.
  • Develop a strategic workforce plan.
  • Identify high potential talent within your organization.
  • Engage in succession planning.
  • Develop your talent pool.
  • Market your employer brand and value proposition.
  • Develop a targeted talent acquisition plan.
  • Create an engagement and retention strategy.
  • Measure the results of your talent management investment.