Competency Mapping

ist5914892Competencies can be defined as combinations of observable, employee-applied knowledge, skills and behaviours that enable the achievement of desired results, and that serve to create a competitive advantage for an organization. Competency mapping focuses on how an employee creates value versus what is actually accomplished.

The cornerstone of any effective HR management process is a meaningful competency profile that defines the skills, abilities, attributes and qualifications necessary for effective performance.

Ellis Locke & Associates utilizes a variety of different competency mapping models and methodologies to assist our clients in defining these critical job requirements. We work with you in selecting the tools and procedures that are most appropriate for the particular organizational need you have identified. This can involve defining core competencies that are broadly applicable across the organization at large, or identifying more specific, functional competencies related to different levels, roles or functions within your organization.

Although we offer competency mapping as a stand alone service, it is very frequently the initial, critical step in those engagements that focus on developing HR systems and processes, including recruiting, selection, training, performance management, or succession planning. This is because it is critical for competencies to form the foundation of HR strategy. Competencies must be consistently applied throughout all HR processes in order for a talent management strategy to be effective.