HR Consulting

ist4407788At Ellis Locke & Associates we provide HR consulting services that are customized to meets your organization’s specific goals and requirements. We focus on enhancing your HR strategy and operational effectiveness. As experts in job analysis and the measurement of human abilities, our HR Consultants are able to help clients develop a variety of HR programs, processes and functions that align with your corporate values, core competencies and strategic direction. Working directly with our clients, our HR Consultants are able to provide the expertise that ensures programs and procedures are user-friendly, reliable, defensible, and psychometrically sound. In addition, we are familiar with and have worked with most of the performance management systems currently used by HR professionals. As a result, we are able to customize many of our HR consulting services to accommodate existing programs and systems, saving our clients money, time and disruption.

Ellis Locke & Associates is able to provide HR Consulting services in the following areas: