Onboarding Coaching

shutterstock_158384792The failure rate of newly hired executives is alarming.  Research indicates that 40% of new senior executives will fail within the first 18 months.  Even good hires can get off to a rough start and the cost of derailment is high.

Our Onboarding Coaching service was designed to ensure long-term success for newly hired executives and to accelerate the time required for them to make a value-added contribution.  Onboarding Coaching begins when the candidate is hired and continues for the critical first three to six months.  Working closely with the hiring manager, the coach and the newly hired executive focus on developing a plan to address the responsibilities and demands of the new position, paying close attention to cultural fit and potential challenges.  The focus is on facilitating successful entry and engagement to ensure the newly hired executive is quickly aligned with, and integrated in to, the new work environment.

Key Components:

  • Identifying critical success factors and the competencies and leadership style required to achieve results in the new role.
  • Accelerating the learning curve so that leadership style and approach are informed by the culture.
  • Defining the critical cultural and political nuances inherent in the environment and examining how they fit with the leadership style of the new executive.
  • Clarifying the hiring manager’s priorities, aligning expectations, and negotiating resources required for success.
  • Identifying key stakeholders (vertical and lateral) and defining their expectations, priorities, styles and linkages.  Developing collaborative relationships based on an understanding of others’ organizational perspectives.
  • Understanding the “formal” and “informal” decision making power in the organization.
  • Maximizing influence based on the executive’s leadership style and the styles of the key stakeholders with whom they will be interacting.
  • Evaluating, aligning and mobilizing team members to support the achievement of mutually established goals.
  • Building networks for information, support, and sharing of resources.
  • Planning and prioritizing for the first 30, 60 and 90 days in their new role.
  • Delivering early wins to establish credibility.

Our Onboarding coaching sessions are typically conducted weekly or bi-weekly by phone, Skype, or in person where possible.  Sessions are approximately forty-five minutes to an hour and are accompanied by full email and phone support between meetings.

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