Executive Coaching

iStock_000029993366Large v2Executives are facing unprecedented organizational change and complexity. They are under tremendous pressure to improve organizational performance, respond to changing market demands and develop and their people.

In our Executive Coaching practice, we partner with clients to create personalized action plans that tap into their full potential to successfully achieve professional and personal goals. Using proven tools and strategies, our well-seasoned, ICF Certified Coaches facilitate clarity and alignment resulting in purposeful action and sustained results.

As an executive, you will gain new insight into strengths you can leverage and behaviours that may be limiting your success. We provide a safe and confidential environment to engage in meaningful dialogue, receive objective feedback, and develop new skills. Acting as a sounding board and a thought partner, we encourage intentional thought, action and behavior changes.

Areas of focus for coaching could include:

  • achievement of a goal
  • leading organizational change
  • overcoming a challenge
  • preparing to take on increasing responsibility
  • building high performing teams
  • achieving greater work-life balance
  • improving relationships with key stakeholders, including: leaders, peers, and direct reports
  • enhancing self-confidence and personal effectiveness
  • making difficult decisions or dealing with performance issues
  • improving communication and interpersonal skills

Executive Coaching Process

Phase 1: Contracting and Engagement

Coaching is a relationship built on a foundation of trust and open communication. The first meeting is an opportunity for the coach and the executive to meet to assess the degree of fit and to determine if the chemistry is right for them to work together. During this meeting, the coach explains the coaching process and clarifies confidentiality and the rules of engagement. Coaching goals are discussed and outcomes are established. As part of this process, it may also be appropriate to meet with the organizational sponsor to gather additional information and clarify expectations.

Phase 2: Gathering Information

During this phase, the additional information is gathered relative to the strengths to be leveraged and development opportunities to be addressed for the executive being coached. This can be accomplished through the use of in-depth interviews, psychometric assessments, multi-rater feedback, or direct observation of the executive in action. Leveraging this information, the coach partners with the individual to create a development plan that will help to inform the coaching engagement.

Phase 3: Coaching Sessions

The coach and executive connect regularly to strategize and discuss progress relative to the development plan. Each coaching session has a specific objective and results in measurable outcomes and action steps to be taken before the next meeting. Coaching sessions are structured to meet the executive’s needs and generally take place on a bi-weekly basis, in person, over the phone or via SKYPE. The individual has access to the coach by phone or email for support between sessions. The role of the coach is not to provide advice, but rather to act as a catalyst. The coach provides objective feedback and a safe and confidential space to engage in dialogue and practice new skills. Asking powerful questions, acting as a thinking partner, and holding the executive accountable for commitments; the coach supports intentional thought, purposeful action, and sustained results.

Phase 4: Assessing Progress and Providing Feedback

The executive and the coach review progress relative to the goals established at the outset of the coaching engagement. With permission from the executive, it may be appropriate to solicit input from key stakeholders relative to changes noted in the executive’s style, approach or results. This often includes: improved interpersonal skills, enhanced communication, greater levels of collaboration or a more effective leadership style. The coach and executive also discuss strategies to maintain progress and sustain results.

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