Career Coaching

Portrait of a female executiveCareer choice is one of the most important investments you can make in yourself. When you are in the right career, time spent at work is satisfying and personally fulfilling. Whether you are a student who is trying to choose a university major, or you are mid career professional who is interested in exploring other career options, our career coaching service can help you by guiding your career choices and uncovering options that you may not have considered.

In career coaching, we use multi-faceted assessment tools designed to reveal motivations, interests, talents and natural abilities and bring career options into focus.

Our Career Coaching Services Can Help You To:

  • Identify career options that leverage your strengths and interests
  • Clarify your career direction and goals
  • Identify organizational and enviromental factors that will be conducive to success
  • Find a career that you would feel passionate about
  • Create a career path that is satisfying and fulfilling
  • Develop a resume that highlights your strengths
  • Prepare for job interviews
  • Navigate throught the transition process smoothly

Clients include:

  • High school students who want assistance choosing a college or university major
  • College or university graduates who are trying to determine a career path
  • Mid career individuals who are interested in making a career change
  • Homemakers who are returning to the workforce
  • Retirees who are interested in starting a second career