Development Assessments

ist7984329Ongoing professional development is crucial to ensure that employees reach their potential and optimize their performance. Development assessments are often used for identifying high potential leaders as part of a broader talent management strategy. However, development assessments can help employees at all levels of performance and potential to become more effective by increasing their level of insight and self-awareness regarding basic values, attitudes, preferences and intentions. This information can be useful to identify one’s strengths, areas of opportunity and possible blind spots.

Although development assessments are the preferred method for identifying high potential, to round out the picture for development purposes, we often recommend the use of 360 Degree Feedback or Multi-rater Feedback. Whereas the development assessment can provide greater understanding of one’s self-perception, 360 Degree Feedback allows individuals to understand how they are being perceived by those who regularly interact with them at work – their boss, direct reports, peers and internal/external customers. This combination yields powerful data to be used as part of the development planning process.

The end result is a comprehensive report that provides information regarding:

  • Thinking style
  • Interpersonal style
  • Leadership orientation
  • Work orientation
  • Personal preferences and perspectives

We use this information to provide coaching to clients and to support them in the creation of a development plan that maximizes results by leveraging strengths and building on areas of opportunity.