360 Degree Feedback / Multi-Rater Feedback

diverse360 degree feedback (also referred to as multi-rater feedback) is an extremely powerful tool that is used by progressive organizations to support individual growth and development in job performance.

The 360 degree feedback process involves soliciting and compiling anonymous feedback from various sources including a person’s manager, colleagues, peers, direct reports, and customers. The end result is a structured 360 degree feedback report that provides candid feedback identifying the individual’s strengths and opportunities, as seen by the people who work most closely with him or her.

The Ellis Locke & Associates coach works with the 360 degree feedback recipient to help the individual to understand the 360 degree feedback report and create a meaningful development plan that leverages strengths, addresses opportunities and optimizes performance. This approach maximizes pay-off in terms of real growth and behaviour change.

Ellis Locke & Associates utilizes the 20/20 Insight software platform to design and deliver customized, web-enabled 360 degree feedback programs.

Key Features

  • Customizability of all facets of the 360 degree feedback process, including: survey content, rating scales, participant instructions, rater group identification, report format, and others
  • Ability to accommodate any size group of 360 degree feedback recipients – from a single program participant up to several thousand
  • No limit on the number or type of rater sub-groups, or on the number of raters that can be asked to provide input to the 360 degree feedback process
  • A completely web-enabled 360 degree feedback data collection process
  • Rater access to 1-800 telephone hotline support to answer any questions that raters or participants may have about the 360 degree feedback process
  • All 360 degree feedback program materials and services are available in both of Canada’s official languages
  • On-line video multi-media training for raters on how to provide effective 360 degree feedback
  • A team of expert coaches to assist participants in understanding their 360 degree feedback and in creating meaningful, actionable personal development plans
  • Administrator-driven follow-up procedures; our staff deals with tardy raters, resulting in an average 360 degree feedback response rate of 94 percent

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