slide2Listed below are a number of frequently asked questions from individuals participating in our individual assessment process. If you have additional questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at 905-474-3014 to talk to one of our consultants.

Where will the assessment take place?

Unless special arrangements have been made, your assessment will take place in the Ellis Locke & Associates offices located at Markham Executive Suites, 7030 Woodbine Avenue, Suite 500 Markham, Ontario L3R 6G2. Detailed directions for getting to our offices, including a map, can be found at: Detailed Directions to Ellis Locke & Associates

What time should I arrive?

Unless specific arrangements have been made otherwise, your appointment will be at 9:00 a.m.

What should I wear?

Our usual attire at Ellis Locke & Associates is “business casual”. It is quite appropriate to come dressed comfortably.

Is there anything I should study or prepare for?

No. The tests you will be taking are designed to evaluate your problem solving and critical thinking skills. As such, they are not the sort of thing that one needs to study or prepare for. We recommend three things:

  • Ensure you are well rested before you complete the timed ability tests.
  • Don’t drink any more (or less) coffee or other stimulants than you usually do.
  • If you need glasses for reading, be sure to have them with you.

What is the pre-interview package I have to complete before my appointment?

Some of the tools that we use in our assessment process consist of standardized self-assessment questionnaires and ability tests. The standardized self-assessments are simply a means of “you” describing “you” in a way that enables us to make some meaningful comparisons between your preferences and attitudes and those which are characteristic of other standard comparison reference groups. We usually ask participants in the process to complete these questionnaires prior to their appointments at our office to keep your day at Ellis Locke & Associates from becoming overly long.